Our team

The Kalaway team possesses a deep knowledge of all the aspects related to the world of corporate finance and the management of relationships with the banks. With the help of our broad network of partner financial institutions, our consultants guide the companies through optimal management of their finances and assist them in the selection of the right strategic levers.

Knowledge of how a bank evaluates a company is the starting point for creating the most desirable conditions for access to finance.

Relying on Kalaway means having the certainty about these conditions.

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A new reality with clear goals


Kalaway was born in 2018. In one year we built a strong clients network.


In 2020 we created our digital platform to manage corporate finance. The technology that brings finance to business.


Confidence, skills and passion we bring every day at work will let Kalaway grow.
We are developing tech solutions based on AI and PSD2 to offer new services.

Kalaway' s People

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals capable of providing the clients with top-level consulting services. Each of us contributes to the efficient management of business finances of our clients as well as maintains and develops business relationships with the top management of banks, funds and fintech companies.

CEO & Founder

Alessandro Allamprese Manes Rossi

Team Manager & Senior Corporate Finance Consultant

Sander Zefi

Innovation & Business Developer

Eleonora Fracca

Key Account

Ilaria Alberton

Social Media and Marketing Specialist

Elisa Botton

Senior Corporate Finance Advisor

Olga Lupei

Junior Corporate Finance Specialist

Maryna Shemiakina

Junior Corporate Finance Specialist

Elisabetta Pollin

Senior Corporate Finance Advisor

Domenico Manzo