Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on respect, equality and inclusiveness. The trust between employees and stakeholders is its crucial element. Youth, open-mindedness, and multiculturalism are our strengths and at the same time our drivers of growth.
We value relationships and technology and have created an innovative one-of-a-kind platform to boost the quality of the services we offer.

Our mission

Optimize finance management in the companies and make the credit process more efficient

Kalaway is the first team of experts specialized in finance management in outsourcing for SMEs and large enterprises. With the goal of creating a connection between businesses and the world of credit, making access to credit easier and faster, we strive to become the leading international player in this sector. Every day we work to establish ourselves as the best possible alternative to the internal finance management by updating our knowledge of the financial and banking world, improving our skills and developing innovative technological tools.

Specialization and competence

Managing financing, getting access to the new sources of funding, and monitoring financial flows are increasingly complex tasks in a dynamic context. Generic knowledge is no longer enough. Instead, a high-level and continuously updated specialized knowledge is necessary.

Outsourcing creates value

We have unique knowledge of every aspect and variable related to finance management. Therefore, we are the perfect partner for creating a strong and beneficial connection with the world of credit.

Visible improvements

Knowing the procedures in detail means being able to intervene in the aspects that determine the possibilities and conditions of accessing the credit. Managing bankability indicators, credit ratings and other key elements allows our clients to have access to secure, fast and low-cost financing

Kalaway is an investment

Collaboration with us leads to substantial benefits in terms of time saved, workforce employed, costs associated as well as skills and new financial resources obtained

The power of technology

All the processes are now monitored in real time with greater precision. Advanced tools and automation of many procedures simplifies a path to credit at the same time saving time and money.

Let's grow together

We want to share with the companies our specialized knowledge and our unique approach to managing business finance. Over time, our clients obtain more skills and expertise that allow them to grow and develop their business.