What we offer

We manage finance of your business in outsourcing working together with your CFO and administrative officer improving the efficiency of credit process in this way letting them dedicate more time to your company.


What we do:

Special financing and project financing

  • Finding and selecting medium- and long- term financing options
  • Credit lines dedicated to specific projects, with certain duration and conditions
  • Financing offered at regional, national and European level.

Monitoring of financial situation

  • Monitoring of financial charges applied by credit institutions
  • Monitoring of credit bank ratings
  • Monthly check of Central Credit Register
  • Preparation of periodic reports requested by credit institutions

Strategic financial planning

  • Consulting in the optimization of the financial structure
  • Selection of credit institutions and management of financial flows
  • Negotiation of conditions applied by credit institutions
  • Adjustment of personal guarantees

With KALAWAY, the company has a single point of reference to find and manage the finance necessary for business development.

How to activate our service

Let’s get to know each other
Initial presentation of Kalaway held by our internal sales representative. Definition of the areas of interest with technological support
Economic and financial analysis free of charge
In-depth analysis of performance of your company is carried out both from an economic and financial point of view
Customized quote
Based on a simple monthly fee

Il nostro segreto: competenza e tecnologia

Il Team Kalaway è composto da esperti con altissimo livello di specializzazione in finanza e nelle relazioni con gli Istituti di credito. Inoltre, disponiamo di una piattaforma tecnologica unica, che rende più semplici e rapidi tutti gli step della gestione finanziaria e del processo di delibera banca.