Benefits for companies

Kalaway provides consultancy services to the clients and facilitates the credit process. There are numerous benefits of partnership with Kalaway such as faster speed, clear answers and better conditions. The continuous work on managing the finance of your company allows your business to be evaluated in a better way by the banks and other credit institutions.

What means to rely on a Kalaway consultant for the management of your business finance:

We handle negotiation process

We replace you in negotiations with your financial partners, reducing information asymmetry and ensuring an equal and open dialogue with a final goal to obtain financing at the lowest cost.

Easier access to credit

Thanks to our network of partner financial institutions and the knowledge of alternative channels, you are going to achieve your goals more easily and much faster.

Monitor your financial situation in just a click

Using online dashboard, you can monitor every detail of the financial situation of your company, and you will always know at which point the process of getting a loan is.

More time and energy for your business

Outsourcing the financial aspects to Kalaway results in considerable savings of time and energy that you can dedicate to your business and your corporate strategy.

Better credit ratings

The correct and consistent management of finance by Kalaway leads to better evaluation of your company by the banking institutions.

Strong and constant support

Active collaborations with the most important financial partners and our unique experience will allow you to have a solid position in the business-finance relationship.

Find out how we can improve your corporate finance