Kalaway: the outsourced management of corporate finance

Getting financing at the right time is a strategic factor for business success. Kalaway is your outsourcing partner, which optimizes the management of finance in a company and ensures fast access to credit through a perfect combination of professionalism and innovation.

Our goal is to make the process of getting funding more efficient, reducing the distance that separates finance world from the business world. Thanks to vertical skills and partner network of main financial institutions, our team of experts supports you at every stage of getting the financing and optimize the bank-business relationship.

Moreover, our technological platform allows us to do that easier and more efficient at the service of the growth goals of your company.

Our digital platform

Know-how and collaborations over the years

The Kalaway team possesses a deep knowledge of all the aspects related to the world of corporate finance and the management of relationships with the banks. With the help of our broad network of partner financial institutions, our consultants guide the companies through optimal management of their finances and assist them in the selection of the right strategic levers

Knowledge of how a bank evaluates a company is the starting point for creating the most desirable conditions for access to finance. Relying on Kalaway means having the certainty about these conditions.

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A new reality with clear ideas


Founded in 2019, our company has managed to build a solid customer base since then, multiplying the number of clients and the total financing under management in just one year.


In 2020 we created our innovative platform for managing the external funds of our clients, the function of which is of a technological “bridge” between companies and banks.

The future

All these factors together with the trust, competence and dedication to work drive continuous professional and entrepreneurial growth.

The Kalaway specialists

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals capable of providing the clients with top-level consulting services. Each of us contributes to the efficient management of business finances of our clients as well as maintains and develops business relationships with the top management of banks, funds and fintech companies.

CEO, Founder

Alessandro Allamprese Manes Rossi

CEO and Founder of Kalaway, Alessandro leads a young team specialized in the outsourced management of bank-business relationships. Visionary and innovator, he actively promotes the use of technology to create an environment for communication between companies and financial institutions in order to optimize and speed up the access to finance.
Graduated in Economics and Business from the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, Alessandro is now a speaker at the main conferences on corporate finance and innovation issues in Italy, as well as a frequent guest at various events organized in collaboration with the main Italian banking institutions.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

- Picasso

Innovation Manager

Eleonora Fracca

Eleonora is responsible for innovation of business consulting processes and implementation of up-to-date technologies in the management of business finance in outsourcing. Attentive and curious, she always finds cutting-edge solutions for the clients.
After the BSc in Applied Mathematics at the University of Verona and a period of study at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Eleonora specialized in Financial statistics at the University of Padua, which provided her with the right balance between analytical and innovative expertise

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”

- W. Disney

Corporate Finance Advisor

Olga Lupei

Olga is part of the Kalaway Team, joined the company in 2020 as Corporate Finance Advisor for SMEs. She supports clients along the overall finance and credit management process, through a continuous relationship with credit institutions.
Results orientation and flexibility are the unavoidable characteristics she constantly uses in order to meet the clients’ needs with timely and customized solutions.
Olga is graduated in Finance and Risk Management at the University of Parma.

“You can do anything if you have enthusiasm”

- Henry Ford

Pollin- Kalaway
Corporate Finance Advisor

Elisabetta Pollin

As a Junior Financial Advisor Elisabetta supports the clients in the management of corporate finance and relations with banking institutions. She also manages the education and training of the Kalaway team on the updates in economic and financial regulations and new opportunities for access to finance for businesses. Elisabetta regularly publishes in-depth articles on the acute financial topics on the press section of the Kalaway website. After getting bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management at the University of Padua, Elisabetta pursued a master’s degree in Business Administration.
Team Manager

Sander Zefi

The team manager of Kalaway, Sander is responsible for coordination and training of the financial advisors. Professionalism and attention are the elements that distinguish Sander in the management of business relationships with financial institutions. In addition to the BSc in Economics and Business with specialisation in Banking and Finance at the University of Padua, Sander has gained training and work experience in England, France and Spain, acquiring indispensable global business skills.

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”

- N. Mandel

Marketing Manager

Ilaria Alberton

Ilaria manages communications and collaborations with the main international partners. Dynamic and attentive to details, Ilaria always looks for ambitious challenges and new horizons in finance to build strong Kalaway brand.
After obtaining the Double Degree in Economics and Management at the University of Padua and in Business Administration at the Montpellier Business School, Ilaria specialized in Administration, Finance and Control at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice. Currently she is a frequent speaker at various events focused on different channels of access to finance.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”

- T.S. Eliot

Botton - Kalaway
Marketing and Communication Manager

Elisa Botton

Elisa is a Marketing and Communication manager of Kalaway, and she deals with the management of digital and traditional marketing activities. Her strengths are precision and strong organisational skills. Elisa believes that the way a company presents itself is a crucial aspect in order to stand out and transmit confidence.
After graduating in Business Administration from the University of Bologna, she specialized in Innovation and Marketing getting a master’s degree at the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room”

- Jeff Bezos

Shemiakina - Kalaway
Junior Finance Advisor

Maryna Shemiakina

Junior financial consultant in Kalaway. Maryna is an active and flexible person as well as a real team player, who helps in the management of bank-business relationship in precise and innovative way. After getting BSc from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, she continued her studies pursuing a master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Padua specialising on Accounting and Finance. In addition, Maryna has spent a semester of studying in the USA, University of Michigan, where she focused on complex financial instruments and Fintech innovations. Her international experience allowed her to develop ability to work in different environments and to always be ready to face new challenges.

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living”

- Anatole France